The Mosaic

42,000 Stones were used by Tzemach Ben Aharon to create the unique mosaic

Two years of intense spiritual development with Jewish and Kabbalistic themes/motifs connected together to create a mosaic comprised of spiritual stories connecting the artist to Judaism, Kabbala, the land of Israel and Jerusalem.


The first motif: "If I forget thee, oh Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning"

The second motif: The prayer of "Anna Bekoach"/"Please, with power" (The song "Anna Bekoach" has 42 words)

The third motif: "The ten Kabbalistic spheres"

The fourth motif: "Hammssa"  each line is made of five stones (a hand against the evil eye)

The fifth motif:"Magen David" The star of David at the center

The sixth motif: The Hebrew song "I have love in me which will awaken and grow, I have love in me and it will prevail" (by Arkadi Duchin)

The seventh motif:

"A white dove with an olive branch in its mouth"at both sides of the mosaic

The eighth motif: "Mandalas" help us get to an energy balance.

The ninth motif: A random choice of colors:against the evil eye

The tenth motif: "The eye" which was created without any original intention

"To me,this mosaic is the ultimate magnificent creation. The hidden meanings in the mosaic are beyond explanation. 


There is no doubt that the hand of G-d was involved in guiding me throughout my work on the mosaic. The colors, symbols and special energies in the mosaic are not the creations of my hand but rather directed from above from inception to completion." (Tzemach Ben Aharon).


The mosaic is 3.5 meters*1.2 meters

The mosaic is hanging atthe artistsliving room,

it towers to an amazing height of 5 meters!

The mosaic is now for sale only  for a serious client

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