“Basla’im Echtov: I will write on the rocks…”

The Art of Stone Design and Inscription

My name is Tzemach Ben Aharon. 
I live in Moshav Givat Yearim,  in the Jerusalem corridor.

My love affair with stones began in my youth on the moshav. As a child of nature, I began amassing stones from every corner of the country. Later, as an adult, I used the stones I had collected over the course of my life to build my family home and its surrounding walls. Writing on the stones began as a hobby, but when I felt the energies that I was able to create through the combination of various types of stone with different texts, I began distributing them so everyone could share in the amazing experience. Each stone is selected carefully, according to its unique energy; in each stone there lies tremendous love. Based on these energies, I also find the appropriate text for each stone. Inscribed stones carry many significant qualities,

particularly the dissemination of energies required by each person and his environment, and transmission through the stones placed in front of us. The inscribed stone serves as a forceful reminder to each of us, to create our desired reality. Each time you see or touch the stone, take a moment to think and feel that you already have all that you want. Point your thoughts in that direction, opening up for yourself Spiritual wealth! Material abundance!

Blessings! Luck! Success! Money! True! happiness! Courage! Love! Couplehood! Health! Productivity!

Tzemach Ben Aharon  

Stones of various sizes can be ordered: from small river pebbles to large-sized rocks.
The written rocks can be used as a design element and energy distributor in homes, public institutions, backyards, and in any private or public space.